Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lost in the Smoke...y....Eyes

I had so much fun with my colored contact lens that I just got that they inspired me to play with my eye make-up! I love the dramatic effect these lens have and of course this calls for sultry smokey eyes! hahaha...ok, I don't know about sultry, but smokey....YES! =D

The Smokey Eyes

Metallic gray with black liners and shadow to give the smokey effect
Liner Winged-up creates a very dramatic look!
"Smiley" eyes =P .....well, I was actually smiling, so I guess this doesn't count!  =P
The final look.
As always, I kept the rest of the make-up simple and clean! 
Here's my final look in the light with my purple (yes, PURPLE!) lens! ^_^

I just got 3 different colored contact lens (purple, gray, and BLACK)! I can't wait to try the other two!!!! More pictures to come along new different make-up looks! I wonder what black lens would look like on me? Eeekkkk....^_~

Until then, take care!!!

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