Sunday, December 25, 2011

Good-bye 2011, Good-bye hair....

I love experimenting with clothes, accessories, and hairstyles included! If you know me, you know I've changed hair style multiple times! This is another form of self expression for me! With that said, I chopped off my hair! I've had short hair in the past but decided to grow it out because of a specific personal incident in my life (when I had short hair), I didn't want to be reminded of it...anyhow, that story is for another day. Well, this Christmas I'm ready to leave the past in the past and start new! So, here it is to changes!!! :)

Gray sweater: H&M 

Color contact lens: Gray
Make-up: Cut-crease lid with blue eyeliners on top and bottom lash lines. The face, as usual is kept simple with bronzer for a healthy glow. Lip: Cherry Chap Stick 

I am so ready for 2012~ New 'do, new goals, new places to go and things to try.....ah, all the possibilities! 

I hope this holiday season brings you much joy with your family and friends! If you're ever wondering when you should start/try something new, the time is NOW! =) 
Live without regrets and "what if"s!!! 

Happy Holidays!!!!! <3


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A 6-Course Meal with the Grinch at Hidden Dinner

The Grinch was not HAPPY at our Hidden Dinner! He wanted to spoil our dinner before it even started, but fortunately he had a change of heart!!! <3  =)
@Essex Skyline (Santa Ana, CA)

Sweet Mud: Warm chef's hot cocoa 
This was AWESOME!!! The hot coco was smooth and creamy. The marshmallow was light and fluffy and sweeeetttt!! 
Who Pudding: Wine & mixed berry gelee w/ sweet cream 
I'm not going to lie....I felt a little warm/flushed after eating this. 
Yes, I date! I hear it all the time! =_=
Bad Banana & Garlic: Chestnut & pear cream soup w/ banana & garlic banana pudding  
The soup was sweet, creamy, and savory! The bread pudding isn't your typical dessert bread pudding-- it was thicker, with tons of textures (from fresh garlic). I couldn't finish it because I didn't want to spoil the rest of my dinner, but I definitely would have been satisfied with this alone! :)
Spiked 'Nog: Fresh eggnog w/ spirits made for adults! ^_~ 
I couldn't stomach pure eggnog but the chef was kind enough to whip up a vegan/dairy-free eggnog for me, which meant my friend got an extra "spiked" eggnog and extra red/sleepy! hehehe... 

Super delicious!
Roast Beast w/ Who Hash: Roasted quail, wild rice stuffing, potato lentil hash, cherry pomegranate reduction
The chef wanted to create a "mini turkey" on the plate with stuffings and what I thought was cranberry sauce until now(but it was actually cherry pomegranate)! I was fooled! =P 

Eating the quail requires only your hands-- so no forks or knives needed.... otherwise you'd end up not eating at all! You'd just miss out! ;)
Sticky Pudding: Sticky toffee pudding w/ candied bacon and cranberry sorbet
The chef's "healthy" version of the dessert served with sorbet instead of creamy vanilla ice-cream.  I guess the candied bacon balances out the healthy factor of this dessert! Just saying.....=P  The toffee pudding was definitely delicious but slightly too sweet for my taste. The sorbet was tangy and very refreshing! 

I like! =D
Here is another look of deliciousness! :) 
Guess what's inside???
Chocolate Truffle!!! Yummm!!! =)
Hidden Dinner was definitely a new experience for me! It's a small dinner get-together with a theme (this month: How The Grinch Stole Hidden Dinner). There were about 20 people there. Some were like my friend and I, newcomers and of course the veterans. It's a great event to meet new people like ourselves (i.e. foodies) but then there were also curious minds, I guess.... also like us...loL!

The food was delicious, the decor was theme oriented, the environment was fun and casual! Overall, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend it! Let me know if you've been to one or planning on attending future dinners (there's one every month)! :)


Monday, December 19, 2011

Baby It's "COAL" Outside by OPI

This is my nail color of the week!
OPI: Baby It's "Coal" Outside
I've always liked dark colors, but this has sparkles in the mix which makes it very "holiday-esque" 

A nice leather jacket to pair with these babies! ^_^ 
Nail colors are like accessories that you can play around with yet they make such a statement with your outfit!
Keep your nails and hands healthy in this cold weather with lotion and gloves when you got out side because "
Baby, it's 'coal' outside!!!" heheeheh.....^_^


Saturday, December 17, 2011


Getting ready to Dance All. Night. Long!
Feeling a little Rock&Roll tonight
All black with TONS of accessories

Make-up: Check!
Going for an Exotic/ Mysterious look w/ my purple contact lens ;)
My favorite winged-look

Happy Me!!! 
I definitely had a great time with my friends as always! No wonder I always look forward to the weekend!! Hope you are having a fun weekend so far!!! <3 Catch you later!


Thursday, December 15, 2011


Winged eye-shadow (not liner this time)! 

Copper shades (fade the colors from the outer corner in meaning darkest at the outer corners)
I kept the shadows in a smaller area (slightly above the crease) to give it a subtle look
Of course use eye liner to tightly line the water-line but allow the shadow to give it the winged effect

The final product from afar

You'd only see the shadow as the wing unless you were looking down, which makes it almost unexpected! ;)
I love this look! It's so easy and natural looking yet dramatic at the same time! This look definitely screams for a second glance (at YOU, of course)! =P Enjoy!!!! 


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lost in the Smoke...y....Eyes

I had so much fun with my colored contact lens that I just got that they inspired me to play with my eye make-up! I love the dramatic effect these lens have and of course this calls for sultry smokey eyes! hahaha...ok, I don't know about sultry, but smokey....YES! =D

The Smokey Eyes

Metallic gray with black liners and shadow to give the smokey effect
Liner Winged-up creates a very dramatic look!
"Smiley" eyes =P .....well, I was actually smiling, so I guess this doesn't count!  =P
The final look.
As always, I kept the rest of the make-up simple and clean! 
Here's my final look in the light with my purple (yes, PURPLE!) lens! ^_^

I just got 3 different colored contact lens (purple, gray, and BLACK)! I can't wait to try the other two!!!! More pictures to come along new different make-up looks! I wonder what black lens would look like on me? Eeekkkk....^_~

Until then, take care!!!