Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Shopping Spree

Southern California has been beautiful with weather in the 80's which puts me in the mood to shop as I am inspired by the bright beautiful day! (I am going to rub it in some more and share that my bestie and I sunbathed for awhile before hitting the outdoor mall)! =)

I was in such a HAPPY mood today that everything I grabbed was a "YES"! Good thing? Maybe...hehehhe. Here are some pieces that I found at my favorite store, H&M!!!

I love this little black dress! It was very structured and hugged the body well! The zipper right down the midline definitely made this dress!!! 
I love this HOT PINK dress (which does not show up well here). It is simple and can be paired with pretty much anything (see later entries) =D 
I fell in love with this dress because of its color (peach pink)! I am not too fond of the belt, but I can always replace it with one of my own! This spring, be on the outlook for nude and pastel colors! 
It may be the old Catholic-schoolgirl in me, but I love dressing up for church! 

Navy blue silk dress with gold over-sized tunic with braided belt
Dress: A|X
Shirt and accessories: H&M
Belt: F21
I love layering different textures on top of one another! So unpredictable yet so refreshing! LOVE! 
I played up the look with more jewelries: bracelets, cuffs, and gold cocktail rings 
Make-up: Only eye-liner and lip gloss 
Simplicity is good when you're making a statement with your outfit! :)

This weekend has been WONDERFUL!!! The weather was warm and I'm feeling HAPPY! I spent quality time with friends and family! Speaking of my friends, one of my BFFs is getting married!!! YAY!!! I'm so happy for her!!! <3 =) (Sorry, I can't contain my happiness for the cute couple) ^_^

Anyway, I was asked to work on her wedding website, so that means...this BLOG may go unattended for some time, but I will be back to update on new looks when I get a chance!!! 

Until next time: LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH and SPEND EVERY MOMENT you can with the ones you love and those who love you! <3 



FROM L.A. to O.C: LET'S EAT!!!!! ^_^

FOUR LEAF (Little Tokyo in LA)
This is a cute little dessert place that serves all types of crepes (Sweet and Savory)! The drink (tea) menu is pretty extensive! A good place to just enjoy something sweet that the day brings! :)

Japanese Explosion Crepe: Green tea ice-cream, red bean, mochi, and whipped cream
TRY IT!!! 

Matcha Milk Tea: This was really good at first but a little too heavy and creamy after awhile (Lactose-intolerant-BEWARE!)
Pomegranate Tea: Sweet and refreshing! :)

Gindi Thai (Burbank, CA)
This is a Japanese and Thai fusion restaurant. My friend and I were here earlier last year--clearly this place was decent enough for us to return. The food is good (not superb) but a safe-bet when traffic in LA is too bad to get out of Burbank for food! I must say though, the service is great--very friendly servers! :)

Spider Roll

Appetizers: The Four Diplomats 

Dipping sauces: Peanut sauce, Soy sauce, and Sweet/Sour Sauce

Rainbow Roll

Corea Kalbi (Newport Beach, CA)
Welcome to Corea! I was here for lunch and it was ....ok. Nothing I haven't had or anything that WOWed me although I heard it's known for its KBBQ! The service was great and the price was fair! I will return for dinner!

Bruxie Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches (Orange, CA)
Did someone say WAFFLE sandwiches??!! This is BY FAR my favorite sandwich eatery!!!! I do not need to say anymore! Just see the pictures below!!!! YUMMIE!!!!!!!

Strawberry Milk Shake

BBQ Pork Waffle Sandwhich!!! eeekkkKKkKk... DELICIOUS!!! 

SAGE CAFE (Costa Mesa, CA)
Heard great reviews about this place, which is known for their chicken dishes! Unfortunately we came later in the day and everything was pretty much SOLD OUT (good sign....yes?)! Well, lucky for me I fought my 2 (guy) friends for the last chicken portion that later became my SESAME CHICKEN SALAD ....puhahahhhaah!!!! =P

Salami Sandwich (I'm not a fan of I passed) The salami actually was chunky and meaty (not the whimpy thin slices)
Sesame Chicken Salad: This was so good! The dressing definitely was different (sweet and tangy)! I loved the colorfulness of this salad! Makes me happy just by looking at it! hehehe

Meatloaf sandwich (A Wednesday Special): I heard this was pretty good! 1/2 the sandwich was pretty filling I heard, so go w/ half sandwich and half salad/soup!

TEBO TEBO Tea Lounge (Westminster, CA)
A fun place for "youngsters." It's loud! The food is cheap, quick, and decent. The drinks are delisshhh....but service lacks.....

Taco Asylum (Costa Mesa, CA)
This place is pretty darn good! This was my first time here with a couple of friends so we tried the "Flight of First 8" which included: Grilled octopus, Pork Belly, Short Ribs, Curried paneer, Wild Mushroom, Lamb, Duck, and Steak (from left to right). The verdict?? Pork belly and duck were our favorites! =D

PS. Watch out for these chili sauces! 
Ghost Chili Pork and Falafel Tacos: I must say Falafel was my favorite! You may not like these if you don't like spices, but they definitely had a great KICK! (POWW!!!)  =P Yum!!!!
Ghost Chili Pork Taco: SPICY!
Falafel Taco: Pretty curry-ee(?)....the "taco" is actually naan! A plus!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday Shopping Spree Weekend

Asymmetrical sheer blouse: There is something about this asymmetrical cut that I like alot. The color is neutral and I could definitely style it in many ways! I'll take it! :) 
Peasant top: I loved the sleeves and feminine neckline, but this was not enough for me to make the purchase. This blouse would look like any other blouse underneath if I wear it with a blazer. 
So...this was a no-go! 

My birthday shopping spree purchases and gifts from very thoughtful friends! :) 
 I don't have time to showcase all of these pieces.... just yet in this entry, but will be putting some outfits together very soon! 

I had an amazing weekend with my family and friends celebrating my 21st (and some years) birthday!!! hehehe...I was very touched by everyone's loving and warm wishes! I could not have asked for anything more on my birthday! I am truly blessed! 
You all are amazing!!! <3 <3 <3

PS. Happy Lunar New Year! It's the Year of the Dragon!!! You  know what that means!!! 
This year is going to be FIERCE!!!!! ^_~