Sunday, September 25, 2011

**Bling Bling**

Showcasing my fun accessories! Enjoy!

A simple classy pendant necklace. I really like its color.

This is just HOT! 

Luv these rings!!! 

I love these new rings I just got! They are ridiculously large, but so AWESOME!!!

I couldn't help, but wear ALL 3! My hand weighed an extra 3 lbs! loL!

Turning my scarf into a headband! Add extra large earrings to balance the look! 

When you're on the go, add large sunglasses = Bohemian ChiC!

It's Cold Outside....(well kind of)

I know it's not COLD outside yet, but I couldn't help but start shopping for cute coats already! I love autumn! <3 ^.^

Deciding whether this coat is a good fit...I think so! =P

To make it more exciting, I added this faux fur collar

I love the feminine details in the front and sleeves! ^^

Of course, the back too!!!

Two jackets in one weekend and winter is not even here!!! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My (Almost Everyday) Essentials


Utensils! ;)

Hair accessories

Brushes for special occassions

Must-haves for this Fall

Pumps, platforms, booties, and low heels! <3 :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Be BOLD!!! ^.^

This season's FALL Fashion includes very BOLD colors, which I very much enjoy! hehehe....>.<

H&M crop sweater
F21 Skirt and belt
Qupid Platform 

F21 Necklace

I tried to keep the jewelry in the same warm pallet 

ZARA blouse
F21 skirt (old)
H&M belt
BCBG pumps

I like matching busy prints with a single BOLD color!

Of course, don't forget your accessories! I chose gold!

F21 Double belted waist-high skirt (old)
F21 Orange/red crop shirt (old)

My kimono inspired outfit

Qupid animal print pumps

F21 necklace in gold (old)
I didn't wear any bracelets or rings, but it would add more character to the look! ;)

H&M full-length black and white dress
F21 silk shirt (new...only $11.95!!!) and black braided belt (old) 
I want to be in paradise! hehehe...

This silk shirt is so cute and definitely affordable! What a steal! ;)

That's it for now! I have refrained from shopping for 3 months and boy did it catch up to me this week! Obviously, I went a little crazy but they're all worth it!!!!! Now back to working hard! loL!
Have fun this season and enjoy Falling in Love with Fashion! <3

Work Hard, Play Harder

I like these outfits because you can work and play in them! LOVE <3 <3 

H&M Blouse
AE skinny jeans
Mango Red purse
Qupid pumps

The light-weight blouse (and see through) is so comfortable!
(Note to self: iron the shirt before taking photos) 

H&M Blazer (in store now)

I love the suede elbow patch and collar of this blazer! Can't wait to pair this outfit w/ riding boots! 

Qupid Brown Platform 

I love pairing high platforms with skinny jeans! 

Black on black with brown belt
A|X black (puffy sleeve) shirt (old)
H&M crop pants (new)
H&M brown belt
H&M bangles 

BCBG pumps

F21 gold necklace (old)

H&M necklace 

This has to be my new favorite outfit! It's so clean and classy! I love that I can add as much or little accessories as I like to create the look I want! :) 

H&M: blazer, tube top, slim pants, necklace and bracelets

This blazer is not as fitted but there's always a solution! ;)

H&M brown belt

I'm definitely ready for work then Happy Hour after!

These pumps are very comfortable! They're only 2" high! hehehe...I usually wear 5.5" heels, so these are definitely more comfortable!

I hope these outfits have given you more ideas for both work and date nights! Don't forget to dress to impress!!!! <3

THIS IS WHAT I DO WHEN I GO SHOPPING: I try outfits on and then decide with some photos! ;)