Monday, December 5, 2011

Hair & Make-up: Who Do You Want to Be Today?

Being a girl is so much fun! I loved playing dress up since I could remember, but make-up...I was never allowed to use it until senior year of high school! But once I got my hands on some eye shadows, eye liners, lip gloss, etc., let's just say that was the end of it!! I'm no expert or artist and I don't really wear too much make-up on a daily basis (by choice and by profession), I still love what it can do!!! 
So ladies, pick up those brushes and let's PLAY!!! =D

This look is very natural and I like it because this was what I was taught when I first learned how to apply eye shadows.
This is called a neutral cut crease. As you can see (the right is better demonstrated than left), the shadows sit above the crease and the lids are left neutral. 
This is me most of the time. Just plain black eye-liner and mascara. 
For the face, I only use sunblock (SPF 70) and a little bit of bronzer.
Here is a look inspired by my K-Drama obsession! Little or no eyeliner on the lower lash-line and darker liner on the upper lashes. A very youthful look!
Here is my final K-pop/K-drama inspired look! hehehe..Those beautiful actresses all had long lashes (falsies perhaps???) but I skipped that! =P
I'm sure those false lashes would have made a big difference!! ~_^
Another daily look.
This was something I tried because ELECTRIC BLUE/GREEN eyeliners are in! I used eyeshadows similar to electric blue/green and created this look! =D 
Don't know if you can see it, but the color just goes right above the lash line! =D
Well, this is me normally...Just a jeans-and-t-shirt girl with minimal make-up! Don't get me wrong, I love dressing up when I go out, but when I'm not, I like to keep it simple! <3

Hope you enjoyed my madness for make-up! Stay beautiful (with or without make-up)!
It's all about how you feel from in the inside out! <3 Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! ^_~

XOXO~ Kathy 

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