Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Food Review: from OC to LA

I am the queen of "eating out!" Yes, there are many days where I would dine out all 3 meals a day! =P

Below are places I've been to:

Orange County, CA:

Plum Cafe, Costa Mesa
Website: www.plumscafe.com
Comment: I was there for breakfast and it was delicious! My friend and I didn't have to wait long for our table because we sat at the bar! The server was super friendly and attentive! Always a plus! ;). A group of friends and I went back for a bridal shower party a month later and everything tasted GREAT! Everyone was happy with their dishes! As usual I ordered an omelette with apple-honey sausage served with Plums potatoes and toast! Thumbs up! =)

Kya Street Fare (Hotel Menage), Anaheim
Comment: I love street food!!! The menu was fabulous! The menu consists of international dishes from a wide selection of countries and cultures. My friend and I ordered quite a few dishes on the menu including: chicken satay w/ peanut sauce, Gumbo, Blackened Catfish, Crispy Coconut Shrimp, and others I can't recall right now. All I remember is, I was stuffed and satisfied! :)

Los Sanchez, Garden Grove
Website: http://www.lossanchez.com/loca.htm
Comment: Need I say more?! This whole plate plus a small drink only cost $10!!!
California burrito: chicken, fries (yes, fries!!!) guacamole, sour cream, bean, rice, lettuce, and tomato =)

Sushi Kappo Suzumaru, Tustin
Comment: I usually do take-out from here but the food is always good! I love their chirashi, nabeyaki udon, and dinner combo....ok, pretty much everything is good there although a little pricey.... =) I must say the reason why I usually do take-outs from here is because service is a little slow otherwise, everything else is great! 

Sushi Koto, Fountain Valley 
Comment: I'll let the pictures for themselves....

Red Bean Ice-cream: Is it me or does that look like a smiley face??? 
It's a smiley face!!! =D
This is the Chirashi Zen (two tiers!) w/ miso soup. The presentation was beautiful but the sushi rice was a little dry =/

OSECHI for NEW YEARS: 4-course meal for a new beginning

Cream Pan, Tustin
Comment: LOVE the Strawberry croissants! <3 They're light, flaky, and crispy but not too sweet! The perfect combo! The cream pan and banana tart are also delicious! Ahhh....dessert makes me weak.... ;)

Mizuki, Irvine
Comment: Best place to for happy hours (4pm-7pm)! Most appetizers are 50% off. The ramen are delicious and the portions are HUGE! See for yourself! =)

Los Angeles Area:

Griddle Cafe, Los Angles (Breakfast)
Website: www.thegriddlecafe.com
Comment: The wait was long (20-30 minutes at @10 am) but it was worth it! The pancakes (Red Velvet and Eyes Wide Open) are huge! My friend was only able to finish 1/4 of the double stack pancakes! Next time, we'll order just one pancake....btw, the French press coffee was excellent (free refills)! 

Bea Bea's, Burbank 
Comment: I was here for breakfast on a weekday w/ my bff and there was no wait. Loved the grilled chicken avocado omelette w/ hash brown (my breakfast of champion)! I have to go back and try the Oreo pancakes! =) 
Toast Bakery Cafe, Los Angeles
Website: http://www.toastbakerycafe.net/
Comment: Delicious food! I've been here twice! I was told that celebrities like Jessica Alba are usually spotted here, but I'm still waiting....=P
Turkey burger and sweet potato fries! YuMm!

Ketchup, Los Angeles
Comment: Great atmosphere and a fun place for a girls night out! We ordered multiple appetizers (threesome fries, Californication crab cakes, Kobe sliders, and something else?) and they were filling! The servers were really nice and friendly! Always a plus that they were cute...loL =P

Gangandi Indian Cuisine
Website: http://gangadin.biz
Comment: Delicious food! I've been here twice and both times we were very satisfied! ;) The servers were super nice and attentive!
Aloo chat papri

Lamb biryani

Chicken tikka masala

Garlic Naan

Wurstkutche, Los Angeles
Website: http://www.wurstkucherestaurant.com/
Comment: A fun place to be after work! Great beers and dogs...oh yea, the Belgian fries were awesome!!! Check out their menu for some exotic meats (rabbit, veal, alligator, rattlesnake, etc.)! I was impressed! =)

LaLa's Grill, Los Angeles
Website: http://www.lalasgrill.com/
Comment: Let's just say 3 out of 4 of us ordered steak (Entrana al Champignon) for $17! Great price and definitely a fun place to dine w/ friends. I'd have to go back and try other dishes too! :)

Animal Restaurant, Los Angeles
Website: http://animalrestaurant.com/
Comment: The menu changes daily but it consists of exotic meats (i.e. sweetbreads, BBQ pork belly sliders w/ slaw = yum!!!!! A must!)

Il Chianti, Lomita (Torrance Area)
Website: http://www.il-chianti.com/il_la.html
Comment: This is a hidden treasure! Il Chianti is a Japanese-Italian fusion. The pizzas were delicious (especially "umibe" seafood pizza) and there are many choices to choose from! Must try Softshell crab hand rolls, Greek pasta, squid ink pasta (beware and try not to get BLACK ink all over yourself bc the soup is BLACK)! 

Sweet Lady Jane
Website: http://www.sweetladyjane.com/
Comment: Love all the pastries and especially the bread pudding!!!! These are to die for! I still have to try the cake....will be back soon! hehehe...=P

Syrup Desserts, Los Angeles
Comment: Liege waffle with strawberries and ice-cream was sweeeeeettttttttt......The portion was small for the price but worth every bite! I heard the grilled cheese is also up there! ;) Do I hear another visit coming up? I love dessert...makes life so much sweeter!!! lOL!

Porto's Bakery, Glendale
Website: www.portosbakery.com
Comment: The place was so crowded, but I can see why! So much goodies and items to try! To be honest, I was a little overwhelmed! I'll have to go back and try even more....=P Can't wait!

Guava cheese pastry....on the House! =P

Ham & Cheese croissant and Steak tortas (on French bread instead of tortas). So yummy!! 

Ham & Cheese croissant: up-close! 

Steak tortas: steak, avocado, black bean spread and lettuce! 

Alcove Cafe and Bakery, Los Angeles
Website: www.alcovecafe.com
Comment: Delicious cakes! I tried the berries layered cake and peanut butter fudge layered cake...they were to die for, especially with a cup of espresso!!!! =)
The slice is huge!!!

Peanut butter fudge (w/ chunks of fudge and chocolate chips)....need I say more? 

Berries layered cake: black berries, blueberries, and strawberries. Fluffy and light...heavenly! O=)
Red Velvet cake....yummie!!!! <3

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