Sunday, February 27, 2011

First comes the cold breeze, then the sunshine. =D

Woke up to a cold day, then I was inspired by the colors black and brown

I centered my outfit around the slim brown belt and black denim

I love this new camel jacket! 

I can think of so many colors to pair with this blazer but I wanted a fresh look, so all white + camel = classic clean

This gray blazer is also my new fav! Pair it with floral tops

Come on, spring!!! <3

Saturday, February 26, 2011

ORANGE you glad Spring is almost here?

Pink blazer for work or's SPRING time!

Pink blazer paired with orange shorts....this is my new favorite combo!

Wish the lighting was better, but this is a white silk top worn with the blazer and shorts.

New sandals...only 4" high! ^_^

The complete outfit! 

Something more relaxing. Sailor shorts with oversized sheer top. 

I love these new boots! I can wear them with shorts or skinny jeans! 

Nautical inspired!

Feeling very patriotic!

This blazer is reddish orange....didn't turn out so well (sorry.)

5" heels: glad I'm not very tall....

I paired these with my ankle-length denim (see next pic) =D

The heels match my belt

Playing accessories: cuffs and necklace

Accessories always make a staement.

White on white with off-the-shorter cream top and brown belt

I would wear this outfit with the white sandals (the 4" sandals shown above) ...

Orange and orange (make it work! ;))

Just a simple relaxing look (more my style) <3....The white top balances the busy skirt print

For a more exciting look, add a bold (colored) top to this skirt

Orange and tan are good combo as well! 

At first I had no idea what to wear w/ this skirt, but I think I've found the perfect match! 

The End! Hope you enjoyed these looks as much as I did putting them together! Did I mention I can't wait for spring and summer!?? hehehe

P.S. Sorry for the bad lighting again...wish I had my real camera. Until next time!! Cheers!!! =D

Retail Therapy.....I'm all cured! I'm "SPRINGING" back to Life! =D

These are from today only!!! <3 I've been shopping, but have been so busy that I haven't been able to update the blog! I'm so excited for spring/summer! I sure can't stand the cold....burrr... hehehe ;)