Sunday, November 27, 2011

Warm Holiday Weekend

It's been a WARM weekend (figuratively and literally) here in southern California! I love spending Thanksgiving with my family and friends and feeling so BLESSED! To top off the awesome weekend, it was beautiful here with the temperature being in the 70s! place like So-CAL! I can't complain!!!! ^_^ I felt WARM inside and out!!!! <3

Faux fur instantly gives a simple blouse/outfit a more sophisticated look without trying! Luv!
I kept this simple and only added earrings and a large ring for a fun flare! =P
White and (rose) gold!!! I'm definitely ready for the holidays! =)
Because the outfit was pretty neutral, adding a bright yellow handbag was a MUST!

Bag: A splurge from Zara >.<

Because it's so warm in SoCAL (try 76F in late November),  shorts were a definite!
But of course I don't want to take away from the "Fall" season.....I wore my light-weight blouse and knitted tunic....
and BOOTIES!!!
So, although I'm wearing shorts here this outfit doesn't scream SUMMER, but appropriate for a "cool" or "warm" November day in Southern California :) 
I really like these X-TRA LARGE hoops! They are anything but ordinary! =P
Hoops (old): A|X

I hope you had a great weekend! Less then 1 month until Christmas!!!! I definitely need to start writing to Santa to help me with my list for my family and friends!!!!! Yikes! Have a great week and remember to always SHARE, GIVE, AND LOVE one another!!!
xoxo ~Kathy

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Back to Basics

I am loving bright colors this season! The gloomy and cold weather outside just need a boost of energy and what is a better way than adding bright colors when you go out?
You'll definitely brighten someone's day! ;)

Here is another way to wear gold jewelry...over your shirt rather than hidden underneath!

Red is HOT but adding a surprising factor like this orange floral festivity is even HOTTER! ;-P

We normally see colored-belt worn with black pants, but that's so yester-year!  =P

I've had this dress since 2003 and have only worn it once! It's nice to dig in your closet and find old pieces that could still be worn today! I kept this because I love the color!
Here I am BEDAZZLING the dress with the sparkly statement necklace.
Or aim for a classy look by adding warmth with gold accessories.

The BELT makes this outfit! Anything sparkly will make it appropriate for the season!

I got this belt last year, but love how I could definitely use it again this year!

Showcasing my bangle ^_~
 This dress is one of my favorites! Because it's black, I can give it many looks!
See below:
+ White sweater with rhinestones. Keep jewelry simple since the sweater is pretty accessorized! 

+ Black on black? The rhinestones on this cardigan are perfect! They're not too loud, no?! 

Here is the same bow-belt. It definitely brings the dress to LIFE! So feminine! Luv it!!! 

I feel like a present! hehehe...

I bought this dress not knowing how I would pair it, but pink really compliments the dress!

These booties (the shoes) are perfect!
Although it may be cold out there, there's no reason to not flaunt your legs! Always try to balance your look! Short dress/skirt calls for a covered up upper half (easily done in this weather)!

This dress has 3/4 length sleeves. Take advantage of that and roll the sleeves of both (dress and cardigan) for a more preppy look. 

I am still loving the belt over outerwear! A thin belt is subtle yet completes the wardrobe!

I'm feeling white as snow! kekeke....j/k
Like how black on black works, so does white on white! 
Aim for satin tops with a warm festive cardigan for a fun and effortless look! Yes, shorts in the winter (at least in CA) are perfectly fine! Please do me a favor and DO NOT wear them with UGG Boots! =/ 

Here is another outfit that is very simple! All you need are the right accessories! I personally like this because of the navy blue pants coupled with the brown belt. 
The pants can be worn with brown boots for an equestrian -inspired look.

With the right hem (of the pants), wear it w/ booties.
Brown heels work too!
These pants are pretty versatile! 
I had so much fun putting all these looks together! I've been avoiding the mall since my closet is screaming, "NO MORE ROOM" and yet I can't let go of most of clothes that I bought and wore only a few times. Oh dilemmas!!!! -_- hehehe...
I must admit it was fun and exciting going through my closet and finding last year's pieces that still can easily be updated with the right pairing and/or accessories!
Tip: go for  the basic and classic pieces. They're always in-style! ;)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Feeling Festive & Rich (in colors)

Satin purple top paired with jeggings
(yes...Jeggings = jeans leggings =P)
Add a little height with heels
White (as snow) goes well with a bold satin purple! :)
Another satin top with skinny jeans accessorized with my sparkly necklace 
wear these with pumps.... 
...or an unexpected pair of combat boots!
I love coupling what may seem feminine (on top) with surprising boyish combat boots! ;)
This blazer is perfect for the festive season!
Add any statement necklace and TA-DA!!!! we're ready for anything! 
I'm going for an elegant look, so I decided to keep my make-up and hair simple .
A girl can't ever get enough sparkles, especially THIS girl! hehehehe...j/k!
This boxer blazer is pretty shiny with all the studs on the shoulders...I might as well add more BLING to it! hehehe... =D
I'm loving suede this season especially with gold jewelry!  
There's something about brown/gold and black that I love this fall/winter season! They make me feel warm & cozy inside! <3 
Yes, another cuff over long-sleeve look....kekeke.... ^_^
That's it for now! I love this holiday season!!!
'Tis the season to celebrate with family and friends! 
I can't express enough how thankful I am for my family and friends (who I love dearly like family) and the life journey GOD has challenged me. I wouldn't be the person that I am today if it weren't for these special people and chances to experience: happiness and sadness, joy and grief, trust and betrayal, laughters and tears....well you get it. I feel very RICH (in life) thus far and can't ask for anything more.... although I still have many goals to achieve. I am BLESSED and wish the same for you as well! Don't forget to SMILE even when you're sad,  LOVE like you've never LOVED before, and DANCE like no one is watching! <3
Love lots!
 ~Kathy ^_^