Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Food Review Part II

Time for more Food Reviews: My favorite part of it all, eating delicious foods!!! 

Shabu Shabu Bar (Tustin, CA))
Thoughts: This place is similar to CA Shabu Shabu.....BUT, I was totally disappointed with their selection of sauce! =_= (aka...no teriyaki sauce???) The meats/seafoods and vegetables were fresh. I'm not a fan of the brown rice there (kinda dry). We waited for 30 minutes before our food came out and we came at 5:30pm (yes, my parents like to eat early)! Granted there was a large party of 8 before us, but still...be prepared for business people! I think I'll stick with CA Shabu Shabu! =)

Quan Hop: Central and Northern Vietnamese Cuisine (Westminster, CA)
Thoughts: This is my go-to restaurant when I don't know what I'm in the mood for! Everything is consistent: hearty foods, good ambiance, and friendly service. :) This is the sister restaurant of Quan Hy, which specializes only in Central Vietnamese food. I enjoy both restauants! 

Vermicille spicy soup with seafood

Pho with filet mignon and beef meatballs

Bun Bo Hue (my favorite)! I love the spice! So HOT!!! =P
Tokyo Table (Diamond Jamboree in Irvine)
Thoughts: Another fail-proof place I go to when I'm craving sushi rolls! The prices are decent, service is quick, and the foods (well the rolls) are pretty good.

Caterpillar Roll

Rainbow Roll: My all-time favorite roll! =)

OMG Roll: OMG....really?! Cream cheese w/ salmon (ugh....loL)
Just saying....
Fried chicken

Lobster Dynamite Roll: it gets pretty thick and creamy with the sauce, so go easy!
Otherwise, I like it!

Mackerel with rice

Agedashi Tofu: The skin was a little thick than what I'm used to but the sauce and toppings were convincing. 
Spider Roll (with soft shell crab): Yummy! =P

Honey Toast w/ Vanilla Ice-cream: Remember to share! 

I can make this at home! hehehe....
Coco Ichibanya Curry House (Diamond Jamboree in Irvine)
Thoughts: I LIKE it! :) This place is comparable to Curry House but definitely does not kid when it comes to spice!!! Let's just say a level 5 (on their spice-ometer) caused me to sweat a couple of bullets, yet still tolerable! I wouldn't dare to try a level 10! Yikes!  >.<
Octopus curry at a spicy level of 10!!!! Just look at the color of the curry sauce! EEekkk....let's just say the consumer suffered from stomach pain and reflux for 2 days after! 
Hamburg Curry 
Chicken cutlet with chicken stew curry (Level 5)! Ooshiiiii...... ^_^

AnQi Gourmet Bistro & Noodle Bar (@South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa)
Thoughts: It's a beautiful restuarant with great ambiance and service. The food is fusion Vietnamese cuisine. 
Beef Carpaccio: raw beef! This was delicious! A must try! :)

Roasted Crab (only on Tuesday evenings): if you've had the Chinese/Vietnamese version, it's pretty much the same thing.

Garlic noodle: Pretty tasty, but it was a little dry. So far the best garlic noodle I've ever tasted was at AnQi's sister restaurant in SF (Thanh Long)

Lychee Panna Cotta

Vietnamese banana fritter

Here's a closer look! ;) 

Hashigo Korean Kitchen (Costa Mesa, CA)
Thoughts: Delicious food and friendly service! I'll definitely come back to try other entrees on the menu! Everything looked so good, but a girl could only eat so much at one visit! ;) I definitely enjoyed every bite of everything we ordered! YuMMmmmM!!!!! =D

Perfect Side Dishes (Kimchi, Radish, and Potatoes)

Tempura Calamari Appetizer 

Volcano Roll (Baked scallop on top of CA roll w unagi sauce)

The Kurrito (Kimchi fried rice w/ bbq beef drenched in spicy tofu soup)

Ok....here's a closer look of yumminess!!!! ^.^

I must return to you, Hashigo!!!!!

Oh yes, we topped dinner off w/ Yogurtland....otherwise, dinner is just not complete! hehehee.....
Until next Thursday....Eat Well!!!

Break of Dawn (Laguna Hills, CA)
Thoughts: This is an Asian Fusion restaurant (Vietnamese meets Western cuisine) and the food is awesome!!! There is a twist to every dish-- kinda of refreshing! Made my taste buds smile! =D

BBQ Pulled Pork w/ Jalapeno Corn Cake, 2 boiled-egg tempuras, and slaw. 

Chicken curry stew: A must try!!! 

Beef Short Rib w/ poached eggs, and corn bread! Yum!!

French Toast Creme Brulee: This is a One of a kind!

A close-up shot! **salivating**

LAMILL Coffee (Silver Lake, L.A.)
Thoughts: Breakfast food was alright (I'm a BIG breakfast snob...) so I wasn't that impressed. The coffee was a little watered-down (maybe just that day??). I wish I had tried the sandwiches rather than an omelette that I could have made. BUT (there's a BIG but in this....I must say, the Donut holes w/ vanilla cream spread were FABULOUS! The vanilla spread was just PERFECT! =D

Vanilla holes w/ vanilla cream spread

Guppy Teahouse (@ Diamond Jamboree, Irvine)
Thoughts: I haven't really tried the food yet, but my friends and I usually go there for dessert! Note of the food: the portions are HUGE! So order at your own risk...or share =D

Coconut spread toast! Yum!!! My friend and I couldn't finish it...doggie-bagged it! ;)

Shaved ice w/ mango and strawberry (mixed w/ condensed milk)

Katsuya at the Americana (Glendale)
Thoughts: Totally over-priced Japanese food! We went for Happy Hour and ended up with a $100 bill for two (we were no longer happy at that hour)! =/ On the same note: Happy Hour just means rolls are about $5-6, but only 1/2 the roll! You do the math! loL!

Rocking shrimp with mushroom on top of a CA roll

Kobe Tobanyaki w/ mushroom: The beef was tender and tasty, but a little on the oily side

Miso black cod in banana leaf: Beautiful presentation (for sure!), but again, I've had better

Good patio seating for people watching! We had a great view of the Trattoria Amici 

L.A. Creamery Artisan Ice Cream at the Americana (Glendale)
Thoughts: I absolutely loved it here!!! Okay, maybe I'm biased because I love ice-cream....but there were so many (unusual) flavors that I could help want to try them all (I resisted and only got 2!) I had Berry Rose and Salted Caramel in a waffle cone (I know...weird combo, but tasted great)! A plus, the server charged us for single-scoop when he stuffed our cone w/ at least double-scoops! ;) We'll be back....
(Sorry, no pictures....we couldn't wait..you'd understand if you were there ^.^)

Gen Korean BBQ and Yakitori Bar (Tustin)
Thoughts: Good food and good service! I was satisfied! =D

Tons of side dishes and they never go unfilled!

Sauce, pickled radish, and rice paper

Fresh Kobe beef (any cuts)

Shrimps, spicy chicken, and veggies!

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