Monday, April 4, 2011

I like adding a piece the would "pop" out from the rest of the outfit, hence, my red quilted bag!

A close-up of my favorite cropped sheer top. It's nice and spring! <3 
The whole outfit! 

I just got this over-sized blazer which is perfect for spring/summer night. 

Of course, don't forget your accessories: over-sized dangly earrings....

Large cuff....

Add a touch of femininity with a floral bow.

A subtle leather strap for a less than girly look... ;P

I LOVE WHITE in the summer! Such a clean and refreshing look! 

Add as many accessories to this dress or none at all! It's up to you! Be carefree and experiment! =D

These are my "must-haves" for this season! Wear lots of colors! Always protect your eyes with hot shades and last but not least....wear those watches, being late is so UNCOOL! ;) HEHEHE....(I'm not kidding)!

It has been awhile (one month) since I updated this blog....but life is getting busier! But then again....a girl must always have time for her family, friends, and herself! My ME-time is retail therapy, which I absolutely LOVE!
Until next time....Be good to others, laugh, smile, live, and LOVE! <3