Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy December!!!

I love December! Not only it's my mom's birthday month, but also the Christmas/Hanukkah  holidays! Here are some outfits I've put together for the different events that will take place this month (i.e. company parties, a date with that special someone <3 ( prince charming will soon come...^_^), family get-togethers, and yes...NYE to ring in 2012)! Whatever the occasion may be, you're GOING OUT!!!! So DRESS UP and look FABULOUS while you're at it! ^_~

Red (although this came out looking orange) never fails in December! 
Accessorize the dress with anything brown, gold, leopard prints, or faux fur (like this)! =D
As you can already tell, I love faux fur (see previous post)!
It keeps my neck warm and adds a little statement to the wardrobe! 
Here is my new MK watch again! hehehe...
Look #2: White dress with bedazzles! I feel that December is the only time that we can go ALL out dedazzling ourselves without having to give any explanations! So why not?!! 
Although we can add glitz and glam, it doesn't mean we should! Keep jewelry simple if your dress is already pretty sparkly/festive! Remember it's all about BALANCE!
And so should make-up and hair. 
Look 3: Royal purple! 
I've mentioned this before, but BOLD colors are definitely a HIT this season!
 I added this thick belt to create a more feminine silhouette. 

Gold jewelries are my favorites when it comes to BOLD colors like this! :) 
Look 4: Lace dress
This dress is so beautiful! The cut was perfect and I love the 3/4 length sleeves.
Dress by ZARA 
Of course, a blazer always can make the look casual yet chic!  
I have a little more than a few blazers, but this one from Club Monaco has to be my favorite! :)

I've been sick this past week (with a cold...hopefully not the flu) but being bored at home has inspired me to put these looks together! I can never sit still let alone REST! kekeke...Anyway, I hope you enjoy these looks! Go out there and enjoy the beautiful and festive holidays! Stay warm and away from sick people....hehehe =P Don't forget to LOOK SHARP and most important of all, FEEL BEAUTIFUL! =)

<3 XOXO ~Kathy

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